Willow Springs specializes in supporting others to learn, create and develop skills through a variety of mediums including art, gardening and food. We can provide one-on-one, small and large group workshops and training sessions.

The model we have developed is focused on skill development for young adults with disabilities facing barriers to employment. Our "Soup & Bread Extravaganza" provides skills training and personal development in a supportive and small team environment. Participants in the program help plan/make/bake and serve delicious soups & hearty breads made from local ingredients to eager customers. The feedback from customers and participants has been overwhelmingly positive since this program started in 2014.

We've recently expanded this model to "Pizza & Salad" and the "Pie Spectacular" where customers get super delicious meals and desserts made from local ingredients. Program "shares" sell out quickly, so be sure to watch the Shop and Facebook page for new announcements.

Plans are underway to continue to expand this model to other areas of focus within Willow Springs.