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Last Call for Soup & Bread

soup-and-bread-min Hey Kamlanders and Laplanders! We’ve got 8 spots left in the Soup and Bread (and more!) Extravaganza and we’d love if we were able to see our neighbours more this winter!


Take a peak at the menu and then give us a shout. Who doesn’t love having dinner waiting for them? But! If the town crew gets to the last shares first, then that’ll be it!


Winter Menu
Week 1: Squash Apple Coconut Soup and Cranberry Wild Rice Bread
Week 2: Curried Lentil Bowl and Homemade Pitas
Week 3: *Mojakka and Multigrain Bread
Week 4: Roasted Red Pepper & Sweet Potato Soup and Cheese Bread
Week 5: *Chicken Pot Pie and Mixed Green Salad
Week 6: Corn, Dill and Squash Soup and Brioche Biscuits


*Vegetarian Option Available upon sign-up